6 People Who Would Love a Candle as a Gift

 6 People Who Would Love Receiving a Candle as a Gift:

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to get for someone as a gift, even if you know the person well. It can quickly become overwhelming to consider possibilities and search high and low in a million different stores. A candle makes a great gift in this situation because they are versatile, widely appreciated, useful, and come in all shapes, sizes, and smells. In particular, here is a quick list of people who are sure to enjoy a quality candle from you (with a thoughtful note to go with it, of course!).


  1. Your Girlfriends
    You know your friends well enough to know how they like to relax, what smells they love, and what scents drive them crazy. Armed with that knowledge, you’re in a great position to pick a unique candle that will delight their senses and enhance their relaxation.
  2. Your mother/mother-in-law/aunts/grandmother
    Do you sometimes struggle to find a gift that is thoughtful, sweet, personal, AND useful, for the lady that has everything? Candles make great gifts for the women in your family because, like your friends, you can usually anticipate what smells they’d like. A well-made candle with a carefully selected scent and thoughtful note show your family members that you are thinking of them. Candles are a good choice because they are not a gift that suggests another chore to be done or meal to be made – rather, they are something simply for enjoyment!
  3. The wine-lover in your life
    These wine bottle candles are handmade in small batches and the scents are strong without being overpowering. A candle in a wine bottle is a perfect addition to their bar or cocktail area, or on a coffee table during a party or ladies night. Wine Time Crafts will even custom make candles in your special bottle so that you can preserve the memories associated with the bottle.
  4. Your brother or other guy friends
    He may not know it, but candles are not just for women! He can enjoy burning the candle in his house to set the mood, or simply to make his place feel, or at least smell, cleaner and more welcoming. And don’t forget how useful a candle is in the bathroom, especially when guests are over! When choosing for him, unless you know scents he would like, it is usually a safe bet to stick with scents that are light and not too sweet, such as an “ocean breeze” smell or something with sandalwood or spices, rather than floral notes.
  5. Your coworkers and neighbors
    Need a gift for a holiday gift exchange or housewarming present? A candle is a great gift idea because it is general enough to give to someone you don’t know as well. When looking for a candle for someone you don’t know as well, it is generally safe to stick with popular scents such as lavender or vanilla.
  6. You
    While you’re buying for other people in your life, don’t forget about you! You deserve to relax and enjoy a room that smells nice just as much as the people you’re shopping for. If you have a candle that you especially like, then the people you gift a new one to will appreciate your testimonial and the gift will feel even more personal, since they’ll know you already enjoy it and want to share that with them!

6 people who'd love a candle

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