Five Ways to Use Wine Bottles to Decorate Your Home

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5 Ways to Use Wine Bottles to Decorate Your Home

Raise your hand if you’ve never chosen a bottle of wine entirely, or mostly, because of the cool label it has… Yeah – that’s what I thought. I’m no different than the rest of you – I love looking at all the different artwork and clever names on the bottles. In fact, just yesterday I bought a bottle of wine from Chrysalis Vineyards called “Shitz and Giggels.” To be fair, there is a good story behind the name of the wine also, but isn’t it a great name? So what do I do when I’ve enjoyed that cleverly named wine? I’ve always felt a little twinge of sadness when I recycle such a cool bottle. A while back, I decided I wanted to preserve those fun bottles. (You can see my story about how I started Wine Time Crafts in this post for a longer story.) Over the last few years I’ve started using wine bottles to decorate around my house.

wine bottle decorations on the bar

The major way that I preserve the beautiful bottles is by cutting them and making candles in them. I choose the scents I want – sometimes they are based on the artwork and sometimes they are based on my mood or the season we’re in. This past autumn I made a batch of Toasted Pumpkin Spice candles because I figured that even though I don’t care for pumpkin spice things, other people go bananas for them. Friends, when those candles were done, I was ready to claim them for myself because they smelled amazing. Everyone that smelled them has had basically the same reaction – “oh, yeah, this is really nice.” I think the magic of these is that they aren’t super sweet smelling – they have a more earthy, rustic smell that comes from the smokiness of the toasted in Toasted Pumpkin Spice.


blue wine bottle candle

ANYwhoooo, back to how I’ve decorated. A number of years ago I came across a beautiful bottle of wine from Portugal that immediately transported me back to when I visited Lisbon and Porto. The architecture was so unique and everywhere I looked, there were tiles and mosaics made of blue and white designs of all kinds. The label on the wine bottle was blue and white, and since I’m a sucker for anything blue and white (seriously – I have a blue and white salad bowl, serving trays, planters, even our wedding china is blue and white) I obviously bought a bottle and turned it in to a candle. The scent in this one is “Black Currant Tea.” If you like the idea of turning your favorite bottle into a candle, I’m your girl! I can customize a candle for you – check out my contact page here. Alternatively, if you just want a unique candle for yourself or as a gift, check out my store!


Another way I’ve used a wine bottle is by putting little lights in it and placing it on our bar. It is a nice addition and provides good mood lighting in the evenings. I used a bottle from a winery in Australia that I brought home because I went to George Mason University. I couldn’t pass up to opportunity to show a little Patriot Pride in my own unique way.

wine bottle jewelry holder

I’ve also used wine bottles to hold my bracelets – I put two bottles on my dresser and they help keep my jewelry from looking cluttered. In my bathroom, next to the tub, I’ve put a tapered candle inside a cute bottle. Clearly the candle has seen better days, but still!

This last wine bottle was such a cool find. My mom and I stumbled across it at a thrift store a few years ago. I love it because of the medallion and the shape. I keep meaning to look up the type of

fancy bottle

champagne or sparking wine that was in it, but I haven’t done it yet. I use the bottle to hold artificial flowers. Right now there are poinsettias in it because it is winter time, but I switch them out and also take it with me when I go places to sell my candles.

A final note – given that I am enjoying all this wine, I also am left with corks coming out my ears. One way I’ve used the corks is by putting them in a glass vase as a way to disguise the stems of a display of artificial flowers.

I’m sure there are plenty of other ways wine bottles can be used – I’d love to hear about how you’ve used wine bottles in new ways!

wine bottle tapered candlewine bottle lamp

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